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Length:  3.00

VideoNews programs are far more impactful and effective than both printed and electronic newsletters. they have the credibility of TV news and can be emailed, played on your website homepage, looped in your reception area a uploaded to YouTube, GoogleVideo, Facebook, Twitter and other key video-based social media sites. VideoNews programs start at only £599 + VAT.

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This brief presentation will show you ten ways that online video and corporate tv can immediately benefit your business. VideoNews programs, promotional videos, product demonstration videos, training videos, induction videos, video testimonials, video profiles, video websites, qr code video launching and videoflyers.


Our aim is to make companies like yours aware of the many benefits afforded by online video…and as we are the UK market leader in the production of affordable online tv we are in a great position to do so…’s just a few ideas that you may want to consider

Firstly we can turn your corporate newsletter into a highly impactful Video News program that will be presented by a professional tv newsreader. Your news program can be emailed to your clients, prospects, staff and stakeholders, streamed on your website, uploaded to your social media platforms and even looped in your reception areas.

We can produce highly affordable promotional videos to build your brand, promote your products and improve your website rankings. In particular we can produce product videos that immediately increase sales both online and instore.

This years Internet Retailer Conference revealed that online product videos can boost sales conversion by 25 percent or more! What different would that make to your bottom line!

What’s more your shoppers can scan qr codes on your labels and watch these product videos in store, on their mobile phones. They can then be persuaded to buy your products without even having to wait for a shop assistant.

To help the sales process still further we can capture the enthusiasm your clients have for your products and services in highly persuasive video testimonials that can positively influence any prospect and dispel any lingering doubts.

And online video doesn’t just increase sales it can dramatically decrease costs.

For example our video training company replaces repetitive, classroom-based training with video-based, online learning; complete with multiple choice timed assessment tests, electronic note taking, downloadable study aids, delegate tracking, feedback and real-time audit trails. Delegates no longer need to travel, training can be done in their own time and at their own pace, and the costs of training facilities and resources are greatly reduced. Most importantly once the video-based learning programs have been produced they can be used again and again at no extra costs.

The same applies to the induction process, your new employees can meet your management team, tour your facilities and undertake mandatory training simply by watching online videos from their home or desk. Again your cost savings will be immense.

And why not put a human face on your company with impressive video profiles of you and your staff., that will strengthen client relationships, build your individual personal brands and help you develop your social networks. These video profiles can be a simple presentation to camera or a full scale interview with celebrity interviewers like Ruby Wax.

Once you have sufficient video collateral we can build your online corporate tv channel, which can regularly broadcast news to your industry, promote and sell your products and services, train your employees and clients, introduce your staff, induct your new starters and build a sizeable community of potential customers.

And finally… we can present new and exciting video-based products and services such as these Video Flyers, the perfect fusion of video and print, that will impress your clients and give you a distinct competitive edge.

These are just some of the online tv solutions on offer but the online video industry is evolving at a breakneck pace.

That’s why we keep our clients, prospects, and partners informed of all the important developments in this industry with a highly informative videonewsletter which you can subscribe to using the button above .

With almost 27 million people in the UK watching online video every month; search engines prioritising video-rich websites; executives stating a preference to receive information in a video format; and videos dramatically increasing online sales it is no wonder that more and more UK companies are realizing the need to increase their use of online video.

And the Online TV Group are here to help, delivering some of the most cost effective, creative and innovative online video services in the UK , at the right price with a cast of highly professional newsreaders and tv presenters.

Well that’s a brief summary of our activities, but you can watch more detailed videos on each service, meet our other presenters, view sample videos, receive invaluable advice and catch up on industry news by accessing the many videos on this website.

But before you start exploring the site, take a few seconds to complete the enquiry form and let us know which of these services might be of interest to you.

Length:  3.00

Websites are far more impactful and engaging when you add online promotional videos but until now the production of high quality videos has been prohibitively expensive. We, however can produce highly impressive videos from just £499 + VAT which you can upload to your website, email to prospects, loop in your reception area or exhibition stand or uploaded to YouTube, GoogleVideo, Facebook, Twitter and other key video-based social media...


All you have to do is send us a script of approximately 200 words along with any relevant images and logos, then visit our VideoPromo website at to pick a presenter and virtual studio and we will do the rest. For a quote or more info call us now on +44 (0) 20 8850 0204, complete the enquiry form, or visit the website

Length:  3.20

The Video Trainer Company specialises in producing and delivering high quality training videos and video based online learning at exceptionally affordable prices so that you can improve the efficiency of your training delivery while making huge saving to your training budgets.


Video-based on-line learning has some significant benefits over classroom-based training although we recognize that there are some courses that can only be effectively delivered when delegates gather together and have a hands on experience.

However. for the delivery of selling, marketing and management skills: staff induction, company and product updates, health and safety, software training etc vide0-based on-line treai8ning really delivers.

It saves delegates having t0o take time away from the workplace as the training can be delivered at their desktop or home.

You do not have to organize training facilities.

You are reducing your carbon footprint by reducing travel and saving further costs.

Delegates can receive training at their own pace and at their convenience.

Training can be delivered over and extended period of time in bite sized chunks allowing for continuous professional development rather than one-off soon forgotten training.

Once the initial investment in course production has been made the training can be delivered again and again and again at no further giving you huge ongoing cost savings.

Delegates progress can be easily tracked, their knowledge attainment easily assessed and a full audit trail will be generated so that you can keep a record of all training delivered.

Course can be put together and delivered very quickly. For an example your entire global sales channel can be introduced to a new product and taught how to sell it within hours.

All of this amounts to huge cost savings and high profile effective continuous development for every employee.

So how do we work?

Our services can start at a very basic level. You can send your trainers into our London-based studios where they can be filmed against greenscreen and then a branded virtual studio, your slides, images and bullet points can all be added to create a highly professional video.

As you can book our studios by the hour the cost of producing these videos is surprising low and we will handle all of the editing hosting and streaming for you and even imbed the videos into your intranet or websites.

If you do not have your own trainers help is at hand, just take a look at our trainers in the “Select a Trainer” section below, see them in action and book them to present the course for you. Send us the script and the slides and we will do the rest.

Even if you do not have a script our trainers can create the training material for you as each have an enormous mount of experience in both training development and delivery.

In one studio session you can create either one expansive training program or a whole selection of short training nuggets that can be delivered over a period of time by email, through your website or via DVD in your training rooms allowing you to provide a source of continuing professional development.

We can also embed your training videos in our highly impressive, easy to use, on-line training template creating an interactive vlearning course with electronic note-taking, study aid downloads, printable completion certificates and multiple choice assessment tests so that you can easily track progress and assess delegate understanding.

We can even create online training tv channels for your company for both internal and external training so that all of your video-based training programs can be stored, search for and easily accessed.

Our clients can also get free access to the thousands of short training videos we have already produced for organizations such as The Direct marketing Association, the Chartered Management Institute, the British Promotional Merchandise Association, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and many other professional bodies

We would be delighted to come and present our service to you and show you how we can save you a considerable amount of money, improve training effectiveness on facilitate an ongoing program of continuous training delivery.

To make an appointment please call us today on 0208 850 0204 or take a few second to complete the enquiry form.

Length:  2.20

The Video Induction Company produces online video-based induction programs with multiple-choice assessments, downloadable resources, multiple languages and a full audit trail of employee participation and knowledge acquisition.


Traditional induction programs are deceptively expensive to run. Not only do they take new employees away from their work but they tie up your HR staff, the senior management involved in the welcoming process and even sometimes the CEOs themselves. When a company has multiple facilities, tours have to be organised and often basic training is require to fulfil health and safety obligations. Then there is the need to ensure that the new starter has understood the induction essentials and to produce an audit trail to prove that the induction has been completed and has met the criteria neccesary for maintaining quality standards. Some organisations, especially multi-nationals and those hiring immigrant unskilled workers, also need to provide the induction in foreign languages requiring expensive interpreters and translators.

If this happens once a year it is expensive but for many companies this is a continuous on-going process tying up valuable resources and depleting already stretched budgets.

The Video Induction Company redefines the induction processes, using online video as a delivery mechanism that will free up your resources, reduce your costs and make the induction process convenient and highly effective.

The way we work is simple, we come to your premises, we film your facilities, we interview the senior management and we film any relevant training sessions. We then edit this material and create an online video-based induction program complete with electronic note taking, downloadable resources and a timed multiple choice assessment test and automatic audit trail. Induction can now be completed at the new employees, or volunteers, convenience at their desk top or in their home without involving any of your staff.

Their progress will be electronically tracked along with their assessment scores. They can now meet your CEO and all of the relevant managers and department heads and can see your facilities throughout the world by watching the high quality video content and they can review this material whenever they wish.

Most importantly after the initial modest investment of producing your video-based induction program, the induction process can repeated again and again at no additional costs giving you immense cost savings year after year.

To find out more and receive a full demonstration of the Video Induction service please call us today on 0777 9086740 or complete the enquiry form.

Length:  1.10

The Video Profile Company produces personal video profiles for LinkedIN, facebook, ecademy and other social media platforms. VideoProfiles can also be used in your email signature and in your blogs to reinforce your personal branding and help you stand out in the social media crowd.


Having a video profile is one of the most effective ways to personalise your social media and networking platforms. It is also a perfect way to add impact and differentiation to your job applications but unless a video profile is produced professionally is can often do more harm than good. The Video Profile company will create a highly professional and affordable video profile for you in our state of the art green screen studios throughout the country. WE can either interview you or you can read your profile from autocue, we will then edit the video adding your chosen background and any relevant images you may wish to include. on completion will supply a link to embed your video profile in your websites, emails and blogs and a flash or windows media video file to upload to your social media platform. So start creating a great first impression today by calling The Video Profile Company today on 0208 8500 204 and find out more - prices start from just £199 + VAT.

Length:  1.00

The Videocentric Website Company produces high quality online video-based websites affordably and quickly using CMS templates. Whether you are looking for an online TV channel, a VideoNewsroom, a vLearning platform, an advisory website or a promotional website we have the perfect solutions. We will bespoke the template, produce or source the video content, host and stream in a one stop turnkey solution.

Length:  2.00

The VideoFlyer is a custom designed micro-thin LCD display, PCB assembly and built in speaker with a unique construction embedded into printed collateral. Available with 3" and 3.5" screens. The VideoFlyer can play up to 5 videos with buttons built into the brochure. The pack is equipped with a lithium rechargeable battery that has approximately 90 minutes of continuous play time. We can produce the video, upload it onto the chip, design and...


The VideoFlyer is a custom designed micro-thin LCD display, PCB assembly and built in speaker with a unique construction embedded into printed collateral. Available with 3" and 3.5" screens. The VideoFlyer can play up to 5 videos with buttons built into the brochure. The pack is equipped with a lithium rechargeable battery that has approximately 90 minutes of continuous play time. We can produce the video, upload it onto the chip, design and print the brochure and deliver in quantities from one upward. Micro-USB connector and cable is supplied for file transfer and recharging. There are options for Video playback: push buttons, or MMS technology which delivers automatic activation on opening the pack and deactivation on closing. In-built memory that can be pre-loaded or be added to at a later point. The VideoFlyer is RoHS, CE and WEE compliant.

Length:  5.00

We can put together highly effective online training programs very quickly using our online vLearning template. This video will give you a detailed look of its features and benefits.

Length:  2.00

The Video Testimonial Company perfectly captures the enthusiasm your clients have for your products and services in a highly persuasive video case study. We make all of the arrangements, conduct the interviews and utilize our years of experience to ensure the best possible results.


Video testimonials are an extremely powerful way of positively influencing decision makers. Hearing a genuine customer enthuse about a company, it’s products and services is far more convincing and compelling than any sales pitch especially if it is professionally produced and shot in the clients own premises.

In fact we would go as far as to say that in over 20 years of film making, video testimonials have proven to be the most effective sales and making tool in any company’s armoury, if they demonstrate clearly how the service or product you offer has delivered genuine, tangible benefits to their business.

It is a known human tendency to favor something when if has been given a positive recommendation by others, that’s why we read movie reviews before going to the cinema and book reviews before making a trivial investment in a novel. In this internet world, we wouldn’t think of booking a holiday or hotel without first checking the comments left by recent travellers. In other words convincing a potential customer becomes so much easier when you give them easy access to the opinions of your customers, especially if it relates to the exact product or service that they are about to buy and the purchase is to fulfill the same requirement.

If you are buying a camera it is not enough to have a testimonial about the brand, we need to hear about the exact model we are wanting to buy and how it performs against our exact requirements. We are also more likely to rate the opinion of a photography professional than an amateur hobbyist. For this reason companies need to collect testimonials for each of their products and services and from a variety of different clients especially those with the most credibility in their industry.

There is also are far greater chance of a potential customer understanding what the existing customer is saying and applying it to their own needs than by reading simply reading about the product on the website. The personal touch emphasizes more on the product and its benefits.

Watching a testimonial video is always going to drive the point home more effectively than reading words on the web page. It is immediately clear that the opinions are genuine and not crafted by a copywriter and the enthusiasm, sincerity and confidence on display paints a million words. What’s more seeing the product or service in action at the clients premises adds still further to the message that this would be the perfect solution for you.

The Video Testimonial Company perfectly captures the enthusiasm your clients have for your products and services in a highly persuasive video case study. We make all of the arrangements, conduct the interviews and utilize our years of experience to ensure the best possible results.

Once these have been produced you should display them prominently on your website, upload it to your social media platforms, email them, blog them and get then in front of as many potential clients as you can. The results will be impressive and you will wonder why you hadn’t done it before.

To find out how The Video Testimonial Company can help you, call us on the number below or take a couple of minutes to complete the enquiry form.

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